Kinect and related bundles officially priced.

Months of speculation and unconfirmed prices from Gamestop, other retailers and even Microsoft itself have come to a final point. Most early reports pointed at the Kinect, Microsoft’s new peripheral for the Xbox 360, being priced around 150 dollars. A majority of these early reports came around the time of the Kinect’s official title and release date at the E3 but included no official word at the time. It was strange to say the least but at last we have confirmation.

The Kinect will indeed be 149.99 and shall include Kinect Adventures in the box. Alongside this release are two new Xbox 360 slim SKUs. The first is a replacement for the Xbox 360 Arcade package which will include the same console sold with the current slim, but 4 gigs of built-in memory instead of the current 512 mbs for 200 dollars US. The other bundle includes the same arcade unit, but with a Kinect sensor and Kinect Adventures for 300 US.

Both of the arcade units only include 4 gigs of memory, but feature an expansion slot to allow for more memory once they get those stand-alone slim hard drives up and running to sell. I wouldn’t expect them to be cheap if current trends are to be observed.

The other big piece of information coming out of Kinect right now is the pricing of the games. All first party Kinect titles, and the Harmonix developed Dance Central will be priced at 50 dollars instead of the usual 60 dollar price tag. It’s a trend likely to follow with future first party Kinect titles, but I wouldn’t expect a lot of third party publishers, especially Activision, to follow suit.

If you’re excited for the Kinect(I am not), then you can safely pre-order the units now for their release on November 4th.

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