Parasomnia – DVD Review

What if some psycho had the ability to control your conscious actions through your dreams? That’s exactly what happens in the clever thriller, Parasomnia. When a young woman who suffers from Sleeping Beauty Syndrome falls victim to a deranged hypnotist, she becomes his puppet of murder and destruction. When a childhood friend reunites with her, he’ll do whatever it takes to save her from the nightmare she’s unwillingly a part of.

I was really impressed with the creativity and inventiveness of the story and the production as a whole. Writer/Director William Malone (House on Haunted Hill) has created a gory and imaginative world with Parasomnia that is enjoyable to watch. Once the story gets underway you won’t want to turn away until the very last moments of the film.

Cherilyn Wilson and Dylan Purcell, who play Laura Baxter and Danny Sloan, respectively, deliver great performances as the two young adults who find themselves falling for each other under very bizarre circumstances. Patrick Kilpatrick is amazing as the cunning and evil hypnotist Byron Volpe who is hell-bent on keeping Laura for himself and under his spell.

Also look for Timothy Bottoms who plays Laura’s doctor. You may recognize him from the short-lived Comedy Central sitcom, That’s My Bush!, which lampooned the sitcom genre and the Bush administration. He played President Bush in the series.

Plenty of blood, guts, and gore galore, as well as lots of great visuals and surprising moments help make Parasomnia an enjoyable horror film.

Bonus features include: Director’s Commentary; a Making Of Featurette; Deleted Scenes; Cast & Crew Interviews; a Stills Library; and “The Plagues” Music Video.

A definite must-see for any horror fan, Parasomnia manages to deliver originality, excitement, and plenty of gruesome moments. I definitely recommend it.

Parasomnia is available on DVD July 13, 2010!

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