Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer Details

Reviewing the recently released multiplayer details for Assassins Creed Brotherhood

Throughout its series, Assassin’s Creed has always attempted to set a bar that is extremely difficult to reach with features ranging from nearly fully customizable costumes (AC 2), your own individual city(AC 2), alternate time periods in which you interact with (AC 1+),   and different weapons that you can use to assassinate your targets in different ways (AC 1+), but it was always seeming to be missing an important asset. Assassins Creed Brotherhood plans to expand the genre by recently introducing the long awaited multiplayer aspect into the franchise.

The game mode that is currently being featured to the public is called ‘Wanted’, this mode allows up to eight players (4v4 team) to hunt each other down. Upon the game being started the player chooses their character of choice, and once in game, each player is given a target to assassinate (one of the other players from the opposing team) and their goal is to kill said target, but the catch is that while they are hunting a player down, a different one is also hunting them too.

Players are shown at the top right of their screen a picture of what their targets character looks like, but the catch is that only the characters that the players have chosen are placed on the map as computer models, meaning many different replicas of your target may be walking by and you must pick up which one is the actual player. Luckily, you are also given a compass at the bottom of the screen to find them. The use of the compass is that a blue marker points you in the targets direction, and once you are very close to said target, the entire compass lights up blue.

If you are ever spotted and are aware of the players presence you can flee and give chase, and whilst doing so you have many tools to use at your disposal ranging from interactive doorways that shut behind you locking the other player out, or hand held items such as smoke bombs to deter your chaser. Once you have successfully Assassinated your target and returned to a certain way point you secure your team a successful kill.

However, PS3 players can get in on the action early by pre-ordering the limited edition from and receive a beta code for the multiplayer team assassination modes, as recently featured in the multiplayer commentary video:

The expected release date for Assassins Creed Brotherhood is to be November 16th, 2010.

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