Weird Al thinking Lady Gaga parody

Weird Al Yankovic, the highly esteemed parodist songwriter, is nearly completed material for his next album, having already finalized nine songs. Three more are still in the works, and Gaga herself has been listed as “a great candidate”. No confirmation has been given by Yankovic yet, as not to spoil the album’s material, but hopes are high for lovers of the his parodies.

Five of Yankovic’s tracks have already been released on last year’s EP,  “Internet Leaks”. Among said tracks are odes to artists such as The Doors, Queen, The White Stripes, and T.I.

Anticipations for the follow-up album to 2006’s “Straight Outta Lynwood” are sky high, and listeners of the comedic musician are eager for the release, projected for sometime next year. And with Gaga in the mix, who knows where this album could go?

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