Paranormal Cops: The Complete Season One – DVD Review

Paranormal Cops is one in a string of series comprised of a team of investigators out to explore the supernatural. Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Paranormal State, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Destinations, and other series have populated the TV landscape for years, and they continue to pop up. So how does Paranormal Cops fit in?

The series fits the template for these shows perfectly. We start in the briefing room where the lead investigator tells the team the facts of the case and who called in the report. There’s an interview with the person who swears weird stuff has been going on, and then the investigation begins.

The bulk of the investigations take place at night. Night vision cameras, heat sensors, and audio recording devices are used, along with computers. There’s usually a medium there to sense and talk to the spirits present in the location. People see, hear, and feel things all around them. Sometimes the investigators freak out and want to leave the area.

After the investigation is complete, findings are analyzed and conclusions are made. Is the place haunted? Is the person who made the call to the investigators a crackpot, or did they actually see and sense something?

Paranormal Cops adds an interesting twist since they are a group of off-duty Chicago cops who curse at and provoke the ghosts they are investigating. There’s definitely a different attitude at play here.

Whether or not they actually discover supernatural happenings is up to the viewer to decide. Is this merely for entertainment? Is there some truth to what is being presented? Are these investigators real, actors, or con men? It’s up to the viewer to come to his or her own conclusions.

Season One of Paranormal Cops contains six episodes and Additional Footage as a bonus feature. The episodes include: Casa Madrid; Victim’s Revenge; Stirring Up the Dead; Dead Man Walking; Meagan’s Ghost; and Messages From Beyond.

For ghost hunting with an attitude, check out Paranormal Cops: The Complete First Season on DVD June 29, 2010!

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