Tom and Jerry: The Deluxe Anniversary Collection – DVD Review

Most people know who Tom & Jerry are, and for those who don’t this collection will introduce you to their shenanigans. This set of 30 shorts featuring the rambunctious cat and mouse includes many familiar classics, as well as seven animated shorts that have been nominated for Academy Awards in years past.

As iconic in the animation world as Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, and The Simpsons, Tom & Jerry have entertained children and adults with their madcap slapstick comedy since 1940, when the duo first appeared in the short, “Puss Gets the Boot” (included in this set). It should be noted that while Jerry’s name is the same, Tom was originally named Jasper.

Seventy years later Tom & Jerry have gone through a multitude of series and movies, much like other cartoon characters like Scooby-Doo, Yogi Bear, and many others. Despite the various incarnations, several things continue in the same vein as the classic animated shorts of years past: Tom & Jerry still don’t speak; Tom is always after Jerry; and Jerry ALWAYS finds a way to outsmart Tom, no matter what.

These are fun cartoons that are fun to watch for young and old alike. This deluxe anniversary collection also includes a special bonus featurette: Much Ado About Tom and Jerry: A Retrospective Look at Once of Animation’s Greatest Teams – from Early Days to Award-Winning Glory.

You’ll also get to see Tom and Jerry interact with the live-action world as Jerry dances with Gene Kelly in “Anchors Aweigh” (used on Family Guy with Stewie replacing Jerry in “Road to Rupert” in season 5); and both Tom and Jerry swim with Esther Williams in “Dangerous When Wet.”

For classic animated fun, check out Tom & Jerry: The Deluxe Anniversary Collection today!

Tom & Jerry: The Deluxe Anniversary Collection is NOW available on DVD!!

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