DeathSpank Set To Release This July

No Thong of Justice merchandise confirmed as of yet, but we can always keep hoping.

First, a quick brief for those of you not aware of DeathSpank. DeathSpank is a hack-and-slash role-playing-game in the vein of Diablo, but is a parody of the genre and involves Ron Gilbert, one of the dastardly minds behind the original Secret of Monkey Island. Hint: it’s awesome.

While we waited for when this title will amorphously appear before our eyes, EA just went and slapped a date to it, announcing that it will be made available on July 13th for the PlayStation Network, and July 14th for Xbox Live Arcade. And no, PC gamers, no word on when the PC release date is.

In fact, no PC version of the game has been announced either, but as the FAQ so bluntly tells us: “Thing is though, we really love getting money, We can’t stress that enough. So we want to bring DeathSpank to as many people as possible.”

Pricing information is: 1200 Microsoft Points for the Xbox, and $15 for the PSN ($14.95, actually).

Here’s the Official Site. You should click here.

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