Sanctuary: The Complete Second Season – Blu-ray Review

Sanctuary is a visually stunning and engaging sci-fi series that presents a team of experts whose sole mission is to protect and save the monsters, creatures, and scary things that most want to see killed. Why? Because these creatures hold the key saving the human race.

Of course, these creatures aren’t referred to as freak, villains, or evil, they’re considered Abnormals by Dr. Helen Mangus (sexy MILF Amanda Tapping) and her people. And there are plenty of these Abnormals running around to fight for and care for.

Sanctuary continues to build on it’s already strong mythology established in the first season, delivering more exciting, character development, and amazing visual effect that will have you hitting the PLAY ALL option on each Blu-ray or DVD disc.

There are some great fight sequences, gripping dramatic moments, and a little humor, which all blend together to create an intriguing and compelling universe. It also has a great score by composer Andrew Lockington. I’m not a regular SyFy viewer, but after watching the second season and reading about the first, I will definitely be tuning in for season three.

I was blown away at times by how good the special effects were throughout each episode and over the course of the season (check out the visual effects special feature, I was amazed at what these SFX people do each episode). If you’ve been witness to any of the recent SyFy TV movie offerings of late, you’d wonder where the hell quality went when it comes to special effects. If they are spending their effects budget on Sanctuary instead of those cheesy movies than I say keep things the way they are.

Loaded with special features, Sanctuary: The Complete Second Season includes audio commentary on all thirteen episodes by the cast and crew as well as:

International Sanctuary

Amanda Tapping Directs “Veritas”

“Next Tuesday” – Anatomy of an Episode

Sanctuary Visual Effects

Sanctuary for Kids

Sanctuary Goes to Comic-Con

Will Vision – Behind the Scenes and On the Set

Will Vision – Sanctuary Goes to Japan

Dancing in Mumbai

Bloopers and Outtakes

Behind the Scenes Slideshow

If you’re a sci-fi fan and are looking for a new series to watch, I recommend Sanctuary. I do recommend you start with season one, which is also now available on Blu-ray. Definitely worth watching!

Sanctuary: The Complete Second Season is available now on DVD and Blu-ray!

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