The Godfather Family Album – Book Review

This book is freakin’ awesome! Taschen’s The Godfather Family Album is not only a MUST HAVE for Godfather fans, but also a MUST READ for anyone who is fascinated with the history and study of film and filmmaking. There’s so much to explore in this massive compendium that spans all three Godfather films that you’ll spend weeks reading and looking at each page.

With its photography by Steve Schapiro, The Godfather Family Album explores both the worlds of each film and also the world that existed behind-the-scenes. The book includes quotes from each film, as well as quotes from the actors who have become iconic figures in American cinema thanks in part to The Godfather trilogy.

This 423 page biographical look at the films, filmmakers, and actors delves into amazing details and insights thanks to dozens of articles, interviews, on-set reports, retrospective interviews, and a large section at the beginning “The Making of The Godfather” written by Godfather novelist Mario Puzo. There’s more than enough to keep the avid Godfather aficionado or even the viewer who has seen only the first film riveted and turning page after page for more.

The Godfather Family Album is definitely a coffee table book that you’ll want to have out for people to flip through and enjoy. It’s huge (15 x 9.9 x 1.8 inches), and it’s no cheap dime store novel (hardcover, 6.5 pounds). This is a high quality film book anyone would be proud to display in their home. It’s on my coffee table right now.

It really is a beautifully constructed and organized work that is a journey through these three films that have been the source of quotes, iconic images, and legendary Hollywood stories. If you love The Godfather, this is the ultimate piece of literature for you to own. It truly is an offer you can’t refuse!

What is your favorite line, moment, character from The Godfather films? Leave a comment and let us know!

Also, explore the book by clicking here.

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