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“He’s either going to f*ck you, or digest you. You decide,” says a loving mother to her daughter in the post-apocalyptic thriller 2084. After a killer virus sweeps across the world and kills hundreds of millions, those who remain are confined inside and at the mercy of the mysterious DVC (Department of Virus Control). Their main purposes are to inform/instruct the public of threats via TV broadcasts and to distribute food rations.

When food starts to become scarce, people begin to take matters into their own hands. How far would you be willing to go to ensure your next meal? Would you trade your daughter for sex in exchange for a can of food? At what point does survival lead to one’s own insanity?

Look for Futurama’s Billy West (the voice of Fry) to pop up on occasion on TV as Brother Hugo Peoples, a man who works for the DVC that dispenses advise and information to the surviving members of humanity.

2084 was nothing like I expected it to be. I honestly thought that this was going to be another post-apocalyptic zombie movie where only a few humans remain to fight off the undead. I’m glad I was wrong because the film takes an interesting turn and utilizes a basic human need, food, as the catalyst for the entire story. It’s a risky endeavor that pays off in the end.

While not for everyone, especially not for the squeamish, 2084’s message about the value of one’s own humanity resonates throughout the film. There are those willing to throw their own family and friends to the wolves in order to survive, while others are determined to remain caring, compassionate humans despite the odds. In the end one triumphs over the other in this creative independent film.

What makes this film even more compelling is how it was funded. Since it is an independent film, you wouldn’t expect the usual studio backers, which would be a correct assumption. Instead this film was funded by an unlikely group of people: American soldiers. According to the website:

“In September of 2008, we received a call from a friend of ours, Tom Kim, who joined the US Army as a paratrooper medic. His unit was preparing to deploy to Iraq very soon.

He contacted us and asked if Kelly Blumetti Entertainment Group had any projects ready for production with very limited funding. He wanted his medical platoon to be a part of something exciting while they were serving overseas and to make a better rate of return on their money than the typical investment options available stateside.

We at KBEG took up the challenge. And with the help and creativity of dozens of friends and business partners donating their talent, time and equipment, the film 2084 came to life and the first Troop Funded Production ™was thus born.”

It’s pretty cool to think that members of the U.S. military are now helping to produced independent films while serving in the Middle East. It definitely seems like a less risky financial endeavor than investing in Wall Street or other investments right now.

2084 is an interesting and well-made film that delves into the soul of humankind and ask the viewer: what would you do in this situation? I hope that we would all choose the compassionate and moral way.

What would you do if you were one of the few remaining survivors of a post-apocalyptic world? Leave a comment and let us know!

For more info on the movie, click here.

Check out the trailer for 2084 below.

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  1. I would kill anybody and everybody! I’m surviving at all cost, nothing is off the table. And I’m not crying about it either.

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