Halo: Reach does something Spartan-y September 14th.

Not sure just HOW Spartan-y things get, but if it goes full hog on the Greek stuff then Halo: Reach might be getting an AO rating. Jokes about Spartans and their notorious sexual exploits aside, Halo: Reach finally has a release date. The lack of one wasn’t really stopping Microsoft, Best Buy or anyone else from capitalizing on the announcement of the three SKUs for the game release, but at least now it gives the fans something to look for.

The date isn’t a huge surprise. The last two games were released in September, and the recent Beta suggested that the game was far enough in development to give a sneak peak without turning off gamers to what could have been a very unfinished product.

Still, the release date seems remarkably soon when the last Halo game was only a year ago. At least this should give Microsoft enough time to make a giant money pool to swim in if the 2.7 million beta players is any indication how the game might sell.

2.7 million gamers reach for `Halo’ [Associated Press]

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