The ‘Lost’ Rundown – “The Candidate,” “Across the Sea,” “What They Died For”

Here’s what you need to know going into the series finale of Lost this Sunday at 9/8c on ABC.

[***SPOILER ALERT: These summaries contain key plot points and information about character deaths. You have been warned.]

The Candidate

Double-crosses, subs, explosives on a plane, and backpacks lead to Sayid, Lapidus, Sun and Jin ending up dead in this episode. The Man in Black definitely will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals even if it means killing off some of our favorite castaways.


By far one of the most intense and emotionally gripping episodes of the season, this is a definite must-watch! Features some great performances from the cast and a needed jolt of energy to take us into the finale.

Across the Sea

Allison Janney kills the mom of Jacob and the Man in Black after they are born, lies to them about where they came from as they grow up. Shows them the “source” of energy that must be protected on the Island. Man in Black finds out truth. Jacob whines. Man in Black leaves to live with the Others. Jacob whines. Decades pass. Jacob still lives with fake mom, Man in Black with Others. Man in Black kills fake mom, Jacob kills Man in Black, throws him in magical tunnel of light and he becomes…the Smoke Monster!


Following on the heels of the adrenaline-charged “The Candidate,” this episode is probably the slowest-paced and least interesting of the season. Left more questions than answers for the audience to digest. I would suggest that you skip this episode, go right to “What They Died For,” and watch this one later.

What They Died For

The flash-sideways of each character start to cross paths and come together with the aid of Desmond and Hurley who have both realized that there’s something about everyone being on Oceanic Flight 815 that makes them interconnected. Desmond returns to the school where he ran down Locke, is confronted by Dr. Linus, who then gets his ass beat by Desmond. Desmond tells him that Locke needs to let go. Linus tells Locke, Locke finds Jack and decides to have the spinal surgery that could help him walk again.

Meanwhile, Desmond turns himself into Detectives Sawyer/Ford and Miles at the LAPD. He meets up with Kate and Sayid in their respective holding cells. While being transferred to County Jail, Ana Lucia and Hurley help the threesome escape. Desmond takes Kate with him to a concert (will this be the concert Jack’s son will be performing in?).

Also, Jack is letting his newfound sister, Claire, stay with him and his son. Still no sign of Jack’s wife (I wonder who it is?).

Over on the Island, Ben, Richard, and Miles run into Charles Widmore and his Tina Fey-looking sidekick. Ben has returned to his home to retrieve C-4 to blow up the Ajira plane. The Man in Black discovers they are there, Miles makes a run for it, Widmore and Tina Fey hide, and Ben and Richard decide to confront “Locke.”

The Smoke Monster takes out Richard (is he dead?), and joins Ben on his front porch as “Locke.” Ben reveals where Widmore and Tina Fey are. Shows him. “Locke” kills the Tina Fey lookalike, asks Widmore why he’s there and about Desmond. “Locke” explains that he plans to leave the Island and kill Penny (like Ben intended to do), but he’ll only do that if Widmore doesn’t reveal his plans. Widmore whispers to “Locke,” Ben shoots and kills Widmore.

Elsewhere, Jack sews up Kate’s gunshot wound (reminiscent of their first encounter during the pilot). Everyone tries to recover from what just happened on the sub. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and a Hurley head to the well where Sayid left Desmond (he didn’t kill him as instructed).

Hurley sees Young Jacob who asks for Jacob’s ashes (which Hurley stole from Ilana’s backpack after she blew up). He follows Young Jacob to Adult Jacob who tells him the fire burning contains his (Jacob’s) ashes. When the fire burns out he’ll be gone forever.

Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley can now see Jacob. He explains why they all were chosen and why they are left. Jack volunteers to stay and protect the Island and to stop the Man in Black from leaving. He’s told he must protect a specific area of the Island, one near the place that Jack landed after the plane crash. Jack drinks some special water and becomes like Jacob.

“Locke” and Ben travel to the well, see that it’s empty. Bad stuff is gonna happen.


This was it. The final episode before the finale. Still unsure if Richard is actually dead, or if he was just knocked out. We’ll have to find out during the finale. Also not sure why the Man in Black would be determined to kill Penny. We know what Ben’s motives were, Widmore’s man killed Ben’s daughter, Alex. But now that he has the information he sought before Widmore was shot to death, will be keep his word and not kill her now?

Now that the flash-sideways have finally started to come together, it will be interesting to see what happens once all the pieces are in place. What will happen? Who of the group will be affected? And who is Jack’s wife?

Make sure you watch this ep and “The Candidate” so you have a clear picture of where we’re headed with the series finale.

It’s amazing to think that we’ve finally arrived at the series finale of Lost. Six years ago, like most people, I had no idea that the show would get as complex as it has become. But now we’re at the final moments of one of the best shows on TV. Everyone is asking themselves, How will it end? There are lots of theories about the finale. Who will be killed-off, who will survive? Who will get off the Island? What will the last shot of the series be before it flashes to the Lost logo?

On May 23 at 7/6c, ABC begins its Lost series finale coverage. Two hours of recaps and retrospectives, the two-and-a-half hour series finale, and then a special Lost-themed Jimmy Kimmel LIVE after your local news. Grab some friends, some Dharma beer, and some Kleenex, and get ready for the series finale of Lost, “The End,” this Sunday!

How do you think it will end? Leave a comment and let us know!

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