Paper Covers Rock – DVD Review

IFC Films produces some stellar work and Paper Covers Rock is no exception. The film is an intimate and emotionally gripping look at a young woman, Sam, struggling to regain custody of her daughter after Sam’s suicide attempt causes her to lose everything.

After being released from a psychiatric hospital, Sam must cope with the realities and repercussions of her depression while attempting to maintain some semblance of a life with the help of her older sister, Ed.

I was totally mesmerized by this film. It takes a realistic, almost documentary-style approach to the filmmaking, and you really feel empathy for the characters and their situation. Since depression is such a prevalent issue in our society today, the film explores it with both compassion and honesty.

Jeannine Kaspar is amazing as Sam, and the chemistry she has with her on-screen sister, Ed (Sayra Player) makes you truly believe that these two siblings who now must learn to live together once more. Their relationship is at once chaotic and loving, much like most sibling relationships can be.

It’s an intriguing story executed beautifully by director Joe Maggio who delivers a minimalist simplicity that allows the actors to comfortably work within their respective roles. You can really see the difference between how an independent film looks and feels as opposed to a big Hollywood movie.

The DVD contains two featurettes: one with the cast, the other with Compose Sim Bisbee.

I highly recommend Paper Covers Rock.

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