Abrams produced teaser trailer before Iron Man 2

If the movie itself weren’t enough incentive to go see Iron Man 2 then here’s something more. It’s been revealed that a super secret trailer of a movie produced by J.J. Abrams, producer of Lost, Alias, Fringe, Cloverfield and director of Mission Impossible 3, will be played before the movie. The significance of this trailer is that it’s being called “Super 8” at this moment.

The title of the trailer suggests that it’ll be a movie from the perspective of a handheld camera, with Super 8 being a popular format for many of today’s popular directors during their independent film-making days. HitFlix, the site that originally reported on this subject, is convinced that this is the long rumored sequel or prequel to Cloverfield.

The trailer itself seems very secretive, with the actual trailer only existing in locked reel cans until Thursday to keep it underwraps. Most information seems to suggest that this is either that aforementioned Cloverfield follow up or a joint project between Abrams and Steven Spielberg. What it actually is we won’t know until Friday, and even then we probably still won’t know exactly what we just saw.

‘Super 8’ trailer below:

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