Capcom drops an awesome bomb at Captivate 2010!

I love you so god damn much Capcom, it’s not even funny…. which is admittedly weird. Either way, Capcom has announced some really super awesome details today at a Press-Only event in Hawaii. Details on Okamiden, Dead Rising 2, Sengoku Basara, Super Street Fighter IV, Ghost Trick and a few sequels.

First off is Okamiden, the sequel to one of the Playstation 2’s best swan songs. The details appear to be scarce, but there are some important factors. Capcom confirms that the DS sequel will see a release outside of Japan in 2011.

A few titles that people might not be familiar with are Sengoku Basara and Ghost Trick. Sengoku Basara is Capcom’s Dynasty Warriors-esque series. It came out in America under the title “Devil Kings” back in 2005, but no subsequent squeals were released outside Japan. This new title will be released for the Playstation 3 later this year.

Ghost Trick is a slightly unknown DS title that Phoenix Wright fans will undoubtedly be excited about. Created by the Phoenix Wright series creator, the game focuses on a ghost who has to unravel the details surrounding his death through various supernatural abilities. It’s a mystery game with Ghosts, an amazing art style, and likely some humor tossed in. The game will also see a release in the states later this year.

Super Street Fighter IV, with it’s release growing ever near and many of the details already been announced. Capcom focused on the game’s new online tournament mode, in which players can create and customize their own tournaments. The actual tournament mode won’t release with the game, but will be released in June as a free download for the game.

Dead Rising 2’s information comes in the form of info on the Xbox 360 sequel/prequel/demo Case Zero. No release date or price for the stand-alone pack has been announced, but Producer Keiji Inafune makes it sound like an investment that’s more than worth it with a rush through of the “Demo” being 3 hours long.

The game will take place 2 years after Dead Rising one and 3 years before Dead Rising 2. The story will focus on DR2 main character Chuck Greene and his daughter Katie, as they deal with a zombie outbreak in a small town. Players of the demo will be rewarded in the full sequel, so a taste before the meal will perhaps be a little more helpful beyond just being a unique experience.

Inafune focused a bit on how the game will bridge a gap between the stories of the original and the sequel, but if this will include Frank West or not is yet to be seen. The mentioned “Zombrex” drug, which Katie will have to take every 3 days to keep her from turning into a Zombie, might have something to do with that.

Other details about Dead Rising 2 confirm an online co-op mode for Dead Rising 2, allowing people to drop in and out of a friend’s game. The feature will allow people to play cooperatively during the campaign, but only the host will get a save on their campaign.

The two big surprises at the event were the announcement of Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 and Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 will, once again, be released on the Xbox Live Arcade and PSN but with a few changes in the sequel. The game will stay true to the original’s foundation, but Nathan Spenser’s getting the ability to, GASP, jump! Details beyond that are scarce, but expect a good time when the game is released early 2011

Marvel VS Capcom 3 brings a fighting game favorite back to the table with more than 30 characters. The game will be in the same 2.5D style that Street Fighter IV used, but there seem to be some tweaks to the character shading to make them seem more Comic-book like.

Thus far only 6 characters have been confirmed. Morrigan from Darkstalkers, Ryu from Street Fighter, Chris Redfield from Resident Evil, Wolverine, Iron man and the Hulk from Marvel.

Another 10 characters were shown in silhouette, but no names have been officially given on who they are. Kotaku’s coverage speculates that the other 10 may include Trish and Dante from Devil May Cry, Frank West from Dead Rising, Chun Li from Street Fighter, Felicia from Darkstalkers, Deadpool, Captain America, Super Skrull, Mephisto and Dr. Doom from Marvel based on those silhouettes.

Quite a speculative cast, and an exciting announcement to say the least. More info’s bound to leak out in the coming months, but the game won’t be released until 2011 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, so there’s much waiting to be had.

More details on these games are bound to come out from the event through this week, but what we’ve got today is a serious amount on some seriously badass looking games. My only concern is a lack of detail on perhaps bringing Monster Hunter Frontier on the 360 to America and perhaps another Devil May Cry game. Still, there’s always E3.

Check out Kotaku’s page for more details

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