Conan heading to TBS!

I really did expect him to go to Fox, but TBS actually makes some sense for King of the funny Gingers. While at the center of a joke, Conan announced today via his twitter that he’s going to have a new show on TBS this November.

The good news: I will be doing a show on TBS starting in November! The bad news: I’ll be playing Rudy on the all new Cosby Show.

Now, while Fox might seem like a better fit for the somewhat edgier writing of Conan and his staff, they have tried late night shows in the past and they haven’t worked for the channel, the most prominent example being the Chevy Chase Show. The other big issue would be direct competition with the other late-night shows.

TBS on the other hand is a basic cable network, and late-night shows tend to bring in a smaller audience, but allow for more distinct and creative writing. Shows like The Colbert Report and The Daily Show have thrived on Comedy Central for years.

At this point I can only really wonder what will happen to the skits and characters that have become so associated with Conan O’brien. Triumph, being a creation of Robert Smigel not Conan’s Show, will likely be returning to the show, but things like Conando and the masturbating Bear might be gone forever.

Still, some Conan is better than no Conan, masturbating bear or not. November seems like a long way away, but is much close than most probably expected with Conan not being able to be on TV until September.

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