The First Easter Rabbit – DVD Review

Ever wonder how the Easter Bunny came to be? Well, wonder no more! In this Rankin-Bass special, The First Easter Rabbit, all of your burning questions will finally be answered. And some things you never wondered about will come to light as well.

Produced by the same company who created Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and A Year Without a Santa Claus, this special features the voice talent of the great Burl Ives who sings and narrates us through the journey of a toy rabbit who goes on to greatness.

As a fan of the classic stop-motion animated specials Rankin-Bass is known for, I was disappointed that The First Easter Rabbit wasn’t done in the same style. Instead, it’s an animated special, which takes a lot of the magic out of what made the other Rankin-Bass specials so entertaining.

Now, that doesn’t mean your kids won’t enjoy it, but as a person who grew up with Rudolph and the others, it was surprising to see a hand-drawn versus stop-motion Rankin-Bass production.

Special features include six interactive puzzle games, which upon completion show a short clip from the special.

For classic family-friendly Easter fun, check out The First Easter Rabbit.

The First Easter Rabbit is available now!

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