Scribblenauts Sequel’s First Details Revealed

And believe it or not, they’re fixing the control system.

Now when it comes to innovation, Scribblenauts has much to show off. Released last year for the Nintendo DS, it boasts an immense dictionary which you can use to summon objects, people, creatures and all sorts of stuff to achieve your mysterious objective: capture a floating star.

Well, I took it for a spin and while it blew my mind at first too, I was quickly disinterested. Once you get over the novelty and the lack of a real story or objective, it fell flat. But now here’s some news for both of us: Nintendo Power has revealed that Scribblenauts will be getting a sequel, to be released this fall.

What does it have? GoNintendo has it all covered. Expect a whole lot of new words, including lots of adjectives, which will play a major role in the game now. Also expect a fixed control system, more merits, a new hint system and the removal of the par system. I like that last one too, it was kind of annoying – now you can really flex your creativity to any extent, eh?

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