Space Invaders: The Movie

Space Invaders, the classic arcade shoot-em-up, will join several other video game adaptations in development.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Warner Bros. is negotiating film rights with Taito, the game’s Japanese developer, to bring the space shooter to theaters.  The film will join two other vintage video game adaptations, Asteroids and Missile Command, which are being produced by Universal and Fox respectively.  As of yet there’s no word on Space Invader‘s plot, although it’s safe to say it will involve destroying alien ships in some great quantity.

Coincidentally (or not?), Space Invaders has had a minor resurgence as of late with the release of the critically-acclaimed Space Invaders Extreme series on the Nintendo DS.  Let’s hope that the new film follows the legacy of those games and not 1990’s Spaced Invaders (note the past tense… how clever).

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