Portal 2, Cake Promised for Holiday 2010 Release

I could write this whole post using lyrics for “Still Alive”. But I won’t.

After a viral marketing campaign that’s taken ARG fans on a ride for the past week, Valve has formally announced that Portal 2 is being made and is scheduled for a release date in Holiday 2010. Unlike the previous game, Portal 2 will be a “stand-alone, full-price retail release” and therefore, not bundled in an Orange Box-like deal.

As for what to expect, that will be revealed when the time comes, and by that I mean when the above-pictured issue of Gameinformer hits shores next month. Also check out the alternate cover for the issue, which depicts the other portal – depicting one of the levels as well a background full of vegetation. I wonder how all that greenery is going to work gameplay-wise.

What we do know, is that GlaDOS is… well, still alive. And the player is back in Aperture Science, for some reason. This fact comes in after a patch for Portal extending the game’s ending.

Also notice the creepers in the picture. Apparently there will be a lot of foliage now that Aperture Science has been breached. We also have news of a 2-player co-op mode in the game, where 2 more characters will be introduced to the game. One of the them could be the Aperture Science CEO Cave Johnson, a character revealed early on thanks to an early casting call.

Now when can we expect more info? You can wait till next month, but it looks like Gameinformer is going to be dropping hints and clues all this month. Look at the dates on this page and mark them up in your calender because… (complete this sentence with the most appropriate line from “Still Alive” to win a grand prize)

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