Metro 2033: Now With Added Steamworks!

Wow, less than a month to go for its release? Woot!

Metro 2033, the Ukrainian-developed post-apocalyptic title that is set for a grand release next month will have full Steamworks support! This means that you will have direct compatibility with Steam features like Achievements, DLC, updates et cetera.

Oh, and this one game here is Steam-exclusive as far as digital distribution goes – you won’t find it on competing services like Direct2Drive or Impulse. I suggest you keep an eye on this one – while we’ve no way to one hundred percent sure it’s a great game, it definitely looks awesome. It’s also one of the few games right now that supports DirectX 11, so if you’re the owner of a flashy Radeon 5xxx card, then this one’s a no-brainer for you.

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