Super Bowl XLIV: The Commercials – First Quarter

Super Bowl Sunday! The big game. Colts vs. Saints. The one the whole nation watches whether they enjoy football or not. And why? For one very simple reason: the new commercials! From the funny to the thought-provoking, the stylish to the stupid, companies pay big bucks to get their ads on the slate during the biggest sports event of the year (not including when the Olympics are around).

So, let’s get started. Each quarter we’ll take a look at what commercials aired and I’ll provide some thoughts and comments. Feel free to leave comments yourself. These will be all commercials airing after the kick-off and before the final score.

Make sure to check out the links on each page so you can watch them just in case you were in the can at the time.

And away we go!

Bud Light

A house made of full Bud Light cans? Anything’s possible,


Betty White rocks! Need I say more.

Tim Tebow – Focus on the Family

This was the “controversial” ad? Really? We’ll see what MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN say about it on Monday.

Survivor Promo

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing these a lot!

Hyundai Sonata

Metaphors galore!

Boost Mobile

Retro commercial, old football players, Mike Ditka. Funny? Not sure.


Dog zaps man. I like it.

Robin Hood

Another Robin Hood movie? Weren’t Costner and a Mel Brooks spoof enough? We’ll see if Russell Crowe kicks as much ass as he did in Gladiator.


“Keep your hands off my momma, keep your hands off my Doritos.” Priceless.

Bud Light

Hey, it’s the dude who does all the Dharma vids on Lost! Guess he’s not afraid of the end of the world.


The head slap phenomenon instituted by the show.


Can’t go wrong with The Simpsons. Good ad.

Hot women. Massage. Unrated content online. Going there now.

Undercover Boss



It’s a miracle. Another clever ad for my favorite chip.

Bud Light

Drinking Bud Light means you get that cool music voice? Count me in!

A fiddling beaver? Sounds dirtier than it is.

The Wolfman

Thought this would take Avatar down, but alas, it was Dear, John.

What a fast quarter! Onward we go.

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