Spidey 4 CANNED, reboot incoming.

This is perhaps one of the most perplexing developments I’ve heard recently. Spider-Man 4’s development was looking pretty impressive for a while there. Sony wasn’t quite happy with Raimi’s choice of the Vulture as the main villain, but with John Malkovich apparently awaiting a new script for the movie it sounded like the series might bounce back after Emo-Spidey.

It would seem that, after a lot of script and schedule concerns, Spider-Man 4 is not happening. That’s not to say another Spider-Man movie isn’t happening, it will, just not with the current story and any of the previous players. Sam Raimi, director of the first films as well as the cult classic series Evil Dead, has walked away from the movie. A major reason for the departure is that Sony’s intention to release the movie by 2011 would create quality issues.

So Sony is now planning to start over, quite literally. They are going forward with a new movie focused on Spider-Man in high school, with an entirely new cast and crew. The press release from Sony reports that the movie is set to be released in the summer of 2012, which seems like a really small window for developing a complete reboot.

What interests me more is that this means Sam Raimi is free from any obligations with Sony, allowing the production of the Warcraft movie to move forward a little more quickly. While I wouldn’t expect the movie to explode out of the gate anytime soon, I’m slightly more excited to hear Sam Raimi is going to be free to work on something other than the Spider-man franchise.

Still, I can’t help but wonder what Bruce Campbell was going to do in Spider-Man 4.


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