Sigourney Weaver’s character in Avatar is a commentary on Gamers

Avatar by now is a gigantic movie at this point. With Avatar being James Cameron’s second movie to pass 1 billion dollars, also making him the only director to have 2 movies pass the billion dollar mark , it’s no surprise that people are wondering what’s in store for the DVD. Well it would seem that, along side with information on what’s on the DVD, today also brings some insight on the characters.

An article from Wired, which largely focuses on the movie’s depiction of Sigourney Weaver’s character smoking, also makes reference to her character being in large a depiction of gamers.

“She’s rude, she swears, she drinks, she smokes,” well he’s got a majority of the Xbox live community down there. All he’s missing is pre-pubescent and homophobic. “Also, from a character perspective, we were showing that Grace doesn’t care about her human body, only her avatar body, which again is a negative comment about people in our real world living too much in their avatars, meaning online and in video games.” And there’s the clincher.

Given this realization the parallels are rather obvious now, but it should also be noted that Weaver’s character is also one of the few good guys on the Human side in the movie. In fact, the main avatar users are among the very few positive human characters in the movie. Hardly an argument that Cameron intended for the commentary to be positive, but it does give some diversity to the intended message.

As far as DVD extras go…. well there’s not a lot right now. However, Zoe Saldana, the actress who plays Neytiri in the movie as well as Uhura in Star Trek, does make mention of a scene shot for the movie that had to be taken out due to it edging too far into the R-rating. What scene? Well a Na’vi sex scene between Neytiri and Jake Sully.

The actual act is hardly different from what you see through out the rest of the movie with the long Ponytail the Na’vi use to create a bond with the wildlife on Pandora. What became a problem was that the motion capture was apparently too sexual, which would cause getting that PG-13 rating a bit difficult. So they removed it, and James Cameron says it’ll be on the DVD. A little Rule 34 in work there it would seem.

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  2. I love the Avatar 3D film, especially the story line, not solely it brings a completely new feelings however inspiring ideas of humanity. I heard the New Avatar 2 is comming soon, cannot wait to watch it again…!