Medal of Honor Q&A Answers Some First Questions


Did the trailer leave you more confounded than excited? Check out this FAQ to resolve some conflicts.

And so Medal of Honor is upon us once more in a fresh avatar, and while Modern Warfare fanatics will jeer at its… inspired design, everyone wants a bite of this Afghanistan-set war shooter that includes a character with a beard. Look at that beard. Look at it. You aren’t a man if you don’t want it right now.

Any way, Greg Goodrich, Executive Producer of Medal of Honor decided to shed some light on some questions that came up in the recently revealed trailer. Here’s the gist of it all:

  • The trailer was 100% in-game footage, as expected.
  • The bearded guy wasn’t in the trailer – he’s a Tier 1 operative. Tier 1 is a category of operators and units who function at the uppermost level of the United States Government. They are extremely skilled and powerful, and only a handful of units are considered Tier 1.
  • Vehicles will definitely be part of the gameplay, and you should expect at least the ATV and the helicopter featured in the trailer.
  • Will be an M-Rated shooter (the ending scene of the trailer), but will still focus on “the authenticity and respect for the soldier.”
  • You can break doors as you breach them! Also some other cool stuff.
  • The PC version will be taken as seriously as the console versions – but that’s a promise many make and end up forgetting or conveniently neglecting.
  • The game will be “historical fiction”, kinda like how Saving Private Ryan was. It will be set in modern-day war-torn Afghanistan.

For those of you a little late on the action, here’s the trailer itself in all its glory!

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