Spike TV VGA reveals Arkham Asylum 2, Force Unleashed 2, and more. (Updated)

Spike VGA
I can’t really say that I’m watching it, but the VGAs are bringing out some sequels I didn’t really expect(or want). It’s old news by now that Batman: Arkham Asylum is an amazing games. Incredibly well done, shocked the entire gaming industry by showing people that if it’s based on a licensed product the game can be top tier. Well, big surprise, a sequel is in the works and the first teaser was shown at the VGA.

A little shaky cam footage taken from a TV has been put on youtube and… well it’s not much to go by. Joker laughing, chaos in what appears to be Arkham, and a little Harley Quinn just because. I can only assume it can’t really take place in Arkham, seeing as the island can only be so big, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Also announced was Force Unleashed 2, a sequel to the Star Wars hack and slash. The first one, while no KotOR, was fun. Hopefully the sequel can make a game that has a little more variety. According to Kotaku the announcement video features Star Killer, the protagonist from the first game, fighting a large creature with Vader and Yoda doing some voice over work. They also mention a tipster saying the game is what the first should have been, so hopefully this will actually live up to the hype the first one failed to deliver on.

In announcements no one cares about, the VGAs also bring us the news that a new True Crime game is coming out(which is what that triad teaser was for). True Crime, in case it’s overwhelming mediocrity has stricken it’s name from your mind, is a GTA clone created when GTA clones were little more than just that. The sequel was filled with glitches that made it unplayable, and I expect this third title to be just as bad.

There’s precious little information on the release dates or consoles for any of these, but I would expect at the very least the Xbox 360 and PS3. If there are any other announcements of interest I’ll be sure to drop them here, but thus far I’m pretty good on big surprises for the day.

Update: Just when I finish there’s an update. A video for the Tron Legacy game(called Tron Evolution) was shown. Can’t really say if it’ll be really fun, my gut says no, but what is interesting is the visuals itself. The new costumes and the light cycles races and such. Interesting by merit alone of seeing new Tron stuff.

Also, sigh, Green Day Rock Band. Pass. A Prince of Persia game called Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands announced, the stills on Destructoid look incredibad. Something called Spec Ops, didn’t see anything on it, name reminds me of Modern Warfare 2.

After this slew of announcements I’m forced to watch the rest of it to keep up. I’ll try to get more info on the other stuff as I can.

Update 2: Video of new Medal of Honor game shown. Not the actual title, but I shall forever refer to it as Medal of Honor: Modern Warfare.

Update 3: Okay, seen visuals of Spec Ops on Destructoid, a few stills is all. Definitely not related to Modern Warfare 2. Post Apocalyptic shooter it would seem, likely third person. Interested, but not sold just yet.

Update 4: Okay missed a few titles, namely a Deadliest Warrior game and a racing title called Split Second. Just shown was a cutscene from Halo Reach. No gameplay, but a bunch of Spartan IIs. These aren’t your normal Spartans either. This isn’t your parent’s Master Chief, these guys look like concept art out of a Mobile Suit Gundam series. Perhaps a taste of what might come as far as armor permutation is concerned in MP. I’m interested to say the least.

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