First Teaser Pic For Dead Space 2 Revealed


Okay, mental institutions are creepy, we get it.

Dead Space 2 is on a slow, subterranean roll to getting revealed later this month, as well as on the upcoming Spike TV Video Game Awards 2009. So before we can lay our eyes on the meaty videos and screenshots and promotional banter, we have before us a cute teaser image released on the game’s official Twitter page (in space no one can hear you tweet, etc. etc).

What is it? Well, that’s exactly what the question is, because you have a strange Rorschach blot staring at you and you have to figure out what it is. Can’t be sure what it really is, but the art is very tasteful, if you look at closely enough. See those specks and streaks flying out of the blot? Look at them closely and they’ll remind you of the limbs of Dead Space baddies (specifically those walker things). The wild tentacles at the sides are most likely the weird-stuff-throwing-heads-with-tentacles, as I like to call them.

I can’t tell what the lowest splotches are, although they do look like monsters of some sort. Then there’s also the two parallel lines in the middle and the center-splat. Oh, and that writing at the bottom. Nope, no idea. I wonder if Dead Space has created geeks of a calibre high enough to decode its fictional writing? I know that Morrowind did.

6 thoughts on “First Teaser Pic For Dead Space 2 Revealed”

  1. The center is the spire fromt the game, the top has claws and arms from the creatures, and as already said the tentacles.

  2. I saw two things:

    1) Two umbral hulks (the middle splotch as the head, the bottom as the claw)

    2) Those T-shaped SOBs whose arms turned into spikes (top), someone getting his head lobbed off (middle) and a fanged skull (bottom).

    This game makes me sad in the sense that “The Thing” didn’t get a decent shot at life (only 1 movie and 1 game.) Without that movie, this game/comic/movie/slashfic* wouldn’t have gotten nearly as far as it did. That being said, I’d be hesitant to let anyone in Hollywood put a finger on “The Thing”, since they’d probably mess it up. (Spoke too soon: )

    *The horror, the horror…

  3. Here’s hoping that the prequel turns out alright. Based on the 5 minutes we see in the first camp, it looks like they had a lot of fun with the alien*. What I’m worried about is the film quality; if they can use the same kind of cameras and resolution like they did in the first Thing movie, as well as its minimalist approach to music, it’d be another fairly creepy experience. It’s been 7 years since I saw the first Thing movie, and I still get shivers when it screeches at the camera like a banshee with the half-formed head of a dog.

    *Who -isn’t- having fun when there’s a mound of burnt, frozen bodies in the room?

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