Lips Number One Hits – XBOX 360 Review


Most karaoke games don’t do too much to set themselves apart from their full band brethren when it comes to songs. While this is true for Lips Number One Hits, I can definitely say that it has it’s own style. With Lips being a karaoke game there is no story but a goal to just have fun. The game comes with a full set of features, songs, and modes to keep the party crowd happy.

Right from the start this version of Lips proclaims itself to be the Number One Hits edition, what greatest hits it is talking about is beyond me. It soon becomes somewhat clearer when I start the game and check out the song list. Most of the songs are pop, rap, hip hop, and rock hits. With artists ranging from Coldplay to Kanye West to Timbalake, there is sure to be a song for everyone which is a testament to what kind of hits these are. However those who are in the more hard rock scene will not be impressed or interested in the slightest. Thee songs are meant to have a more light mood and energetic feel which the harder songs are better at doing on Rock Band and Guitar Hero. The initial list comes with about forty songs which are all unlocked and do not require pre-requisites to sing. Online you can find a whole host of songs available for you to download, again assuming that you like the pop/hip-hop scene. Currently the music store had about 170 songs to choose from al ranging from Black Eyed Peas to Rihana and the like. Each song will cost you 160 MS Points or 460 Points for a three song pack. You get to preview the songs before you purchase so there is no fear of getting something you don’t like.

If the store and setlist don’t have anything interest you then plug in your iPod or Zune. The game comes with the ability to read most iPods, all Zunes, and most music formats. Found under the My Songs menu you can pick out songs on either device and play them through the game. Now, the songs don’t have any lyrics going across the screen so you had better hope that you know the song. But like most vocal based games, you can simply fool the system with some humming. The backgrounds of the music also does not feature a music video but have two default videos that play for any song not part of the game.

As you would expect Lips comes with the ability to have multiple singers on screen. To jump into a game simply shake the controller from side to side and you will instantly begin singing the current song. Another nice feature that the mics have are pulsing lights to the beat of the music. This provides for a nice touch on what would be a rather bland looking controller. Also onscreen, your avatar will sometimes interact with the types of motions you are to perform, like clapping or hitting a tambourine. It’s nice to see some integration. But with the host of songs also comes different play modes. While you sing a song you can have different actions or video going in the background. One such mode demands that you sing well enough to fill a glass of water to put out the fuse to a bomb. Another mode has two star crossed lovers racing towards each other and you must sing well enough to allow them to reach and kiss. Yes it may seem a bit cheesy but it keeps things interesting.

For the price of $70 Lips Number One Hits may seem like something to shy away from. While for some it isn’t worth thinking about, to others, namely those who are shower rock stars, this is a great way to let that inner singer out. Assuming you are into the pop/hip-hop scene, Lips is a great party game with a lot of emphasis on fun. My only complaint stems from the prices of songs and genre. It is possible to attract a much more diverse crowd with lower prices and more artists, especially considering the going price. Lips Number One Hits earns a Buy recommendation.

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