Borderlands is Year’s Fastest-Selling Original IP, Patch 1.01 Released


If you’re playing Borderlands (and stats say that you most likely are), you’ll be really glad to hear of some of the improvements here.

Gearbox has announced just today that Borderlands is officially the year’s fastest-selling original IP. Yes, I said “Whuh?” too, and realised that most of the major games we’ve had this year were sequels or remakes of some sort: Modern Warfare 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, Guitar Hero 5, Left 4 Dead 2, and on and on. Of course, that doesn’t mean Borderlands was without competition. Original IPs introduced this year included Tim Schafer’s Brütal Legend and BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins.

Amidst the celebrations, Gearbox has released the first PC patch for the game, which you can download from Fileshack here. What does it have? Here’s the full changelog:

  • Characters that have lost skill points will have the lost points refunded
  • Clients will no longer lose proficiency progress upon leaving a co-op game
  • Item cards now display the intended five lines of detail text
  • Lilith’s Phase strike and melee attacks from Phase Walk now function as intended
  • Voicechat: users can now control volume and individually mute players
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused CL4P-TP to stop progressing during the introduction
  • Server browser population times have been improved
  • Server information should now always display the correct plot mission
  • Benchmarking feature now works as intended
  • Nvidia 3D Vision visuals now render shadows correctly (requires minimum 195.28 drivers, available from nVidia)

Many of these are very welcome changes, most notably that server information will now display the correct plot mission, and Lilith’s special attacks are fixed. The Lilith was problem was really bad, and made me wonder how they shipped the game like that. Extra text in item cards sounds like a welcome addition to counter the game’s consoley look. And also, you can now mute players, which is a relief from those <insert favourite curse here> players who keep their broken mics on, ruining the game for everyone.

All in all, a solid set of fixes for a largely solid game!

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