Activision: 2010 Brings More Call of Duty, Guitar Hero

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Pretend to be surprised in 3… 2… 1…

Word comes from Activision’s latest earnings Q&A session that the next year, 2010 will bring with it one installation each for the Guitar Hero and Call of Duty franchises. For anyone following Activision’s plan of action, this will come across as no suprise, as Activision explicitly stated their plan to churn out sequels for the two franchises every year.

With Modern Warfare 2 set for a rather turbulent release in only 4 days, the next year’s Call of Duty will be handled with Treyarch. We don’t know what to expect, as the title hasn’t been formally announced yet. Hints tell us though, that we’re going to see a fresh new direction, different from the previous WW2 games Treyarch has handled. As for how good it will be, that’s anyone’s guess. We’ll just hope Treyarch picks up the ball this time round, and stops living in the shadow of its more successful elder brother, Infinity Ward.

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