Modern Warfare 2 includes contoversial level.

modern warfare 2 terror
[WARNING: The following article has information that may spoil part of the game’s story.] If a questionably controversial commercial weren’t enough, Infinity Ward has apparently included something that will undoubtedly draw angered conservative parents. A video, which is quite hard to find at this point as Activision has asked many sites to pull the footage, has been leaked of a point in the game where the player plays as a terrorist. The footage shows the player walking around as a terrorist, finishing off unarmed civilians as they crawl away and the like, ending with the player being executed at the end of the scene.

Needless to say this has stirred up some controversy from gamers even before it was confirmed. Activision and Infinity Ward have confirmed the video saying that it will be in the final product. The level will also have checkpoints that warn the player about the upcoming violent content and giving them the choice to skip it or not.

So why did they feel the need to include something that will undoubtedly stir up the conservative commentators? Modern Warfare 2, like the original Modern Warfare, wants to entice powerful imagery. The first game had one of the game’s characters stumblingly from a helicopter crash caused by a nuke, only to die of radiation poisoning. The level in Modern Warfare 2 “is designed to evoke the atrocities of terrorism.”

Strong imagery? Yes. Necessary? I wouldn’t think so. The game already features a war torn Washington DC. What comes with that will likely be more than enough to provoke a powerful message. All this really seems to do to me is give Fox News fodder to talk badly about the game for months to come.

Official statement issued on Modern Warfare 2 video leak [Destructoid]

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