Fairytale Fights – Xbox 360 Review


Fairytale Fights is a demented hack’n’slash for EVERYONE!

What has vibrant colors, sweet fabled princesses, co-op fun for everyone, an amazing use of the unreal engine, and enough blood, gore, and a over 140 weapons? Playlogics new title “Fairytale Fights” ¬†has it all, and really and truly is a title that should be on everyone holiday wish list. The game has an amazing campaign, vary of difficulties, fun arcade playability, and of course gameplay that will make you smile with joy and you cut ginger bread men in half, and dismember lumberjacks.


Simply put, this game is fun and addicting, but in more technical terms; the game is sickly satisfying in ways game like Gears of War and Call of Duty can just not fulfill. ¬†Fairytale Fights gives, gives, and keeps on giving with its xbox live and its co-op capabilities. The game is a great play for the hardcore gamer or it can be time will spent with your significant other even if they don’t like video games.

Bottom line is the game is great, it has plenty of lasting appeal, a funny animated soundtrack and animation, and is really just a great buy for 59.99 for either PS3 or xbox360.

On an ending note the game suffers from a few downfalls, but they certainly don’t drastically affect the game play. the first is the camera, it can be very annoying at times and since there is no control over it you may find yourself straining to see if your television is too small, and during certain tasks the depth perception is VERY hard to judge at times. Next are some tiny sticky glitches that any player may encounter, a simple patch will fix this and i’m sure its only a matter of time before the playlogic team releases it. Just be aware you may encounter sound effects stuck on loop, players getting stuck in certain in certain parts of the levels, weapons and coins in plain viewable site but stuck in bushes and other various places on the map that prevent it from being obtained.

Available This Tuesday (October 27th) for 59.99 and availability on xbox 360 and Ps3 and coming later this year for PC, the game easily scores 4 gingerbread arms out of 5. its a great game, with a very different concept that is endless hours of fun for everyone!

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