Borderlands sells out, Pachter looks silly.

Borderland, the FPRPSG developed by Gearbox, was released yesterday. The game received some great reviews(one of which will be forthcoming from me once I get a clearer picture of the game) and is apparently having shortages in stores. Both in Canada and the United states stores are reporting shortages of the title, which in Canada might be due in large to the game releasing at a 40 dollar price tag in some stores.

On the east coast the game is selling out on the Xbox 360, while on the west coast the game is selling out on the PS3. Because of this Gearbox, and likely the game’s publisher 2Kgames, is rushing to get more units to catch up with the demand. If you’re having troubles finding a copy Gearbox’s Steve Gibson says the game should be in stores by Thursday or Friday, so a little patience is required.

I find this particular news slightly funny, as Michael Pachter, a famous video game industry analyst, just recently said the game had been sent to die. The reason? It’s both FPS and RPG and during the fall gaming season, because it falls between these two categories the game is not Modern Warfare or Dragon Age: Origin. Modern Warfare 2 is likely to outsell the game, but it would seem that Pachter isn’t entirely right about his prediction, an idea that came to me just yesterday when I had to go to two Gamestops to pick up my copy.

Borderlands shortages reported, Gearbox responds [Joystiq]

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