Phat PS3 goes for just $249 plus extras


The 80GB Phat PS3 system, originally $600, has gone down to $249 at SonyStyle. The price is $50 cheaper than what is set at most retailers plus you get an extra controller, an added $55 value. It may not be a 120GB Slim model but sure has its perks when that extra controller is mentioned.

Another bundle pack is available as well. The same site offers an Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune pack just in time for the release of the second Uncharted, Among Thieves. Also contained within the bundle is an extra controller, a voucher for PAIN on the PSN and it has a 160GB hard drive all for $349. Pretty sweet deal. So if you havn’t picked one up yet, and by all means you should with prices and deals like these, head on over to SonyStyle.

“80GB PS3on sale for $249, U160GB Drake’s Fortune Bundle for $349” via Joystiq PlayStation

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