Dante’s Inferno game is written by Monster Ball’s screenwriter

Dante's Inferno
Weird and controversial advertising campaign aside, the Dante’s Inferno game has drawn a lot of criticism. Part of the criticism is that the game largely appears to be a rip off of the God of War series, in both it’s art style and gameplay. The other primary piece of criticism comes based on the game’s overall existence, in that it’s adapting a classic piece of literature into an action video game.

With Dante’s Inferno being what it is a, good writer is necessary to adapt this classic epic into something that doesn’t completely bastardize the divine comedy. Writer of the Marc Forster movie, Monster’s Ball, Will Rokos is collaborating with Visceral Games for the game’s story.

The movie featured Halle Berry in the roll that won her an academy award so there’s a plus. “Taking such a naturally rich and deep universe and adapting for the video game has been one of the most interesting and challenging projects I’ve worked on,” Rokos said. “I really got into re-imagining Dante as a flawed hero with a dark past, and his determination to save the love of his life from a terrible fate. It was a truly unique experience to re-create one man’s hell, one circle at a time.”

While the writer might have some credence, but I find myself concerned with the description Rokos gives Dante Alighieri as the game’s character. The change of him into a warrior during the Crusades is understandable considering the genre, but making him into a “flawed hero with a dark past” makes him sound like a bad comic book character. Let’s just hope the game is not as bad as it sounds and looks

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