Epic Mickey confirmed to be Wii Exclusive

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More Epic Mickey news… or rather more of a quick update. When the cover of Game Informer’s next issue was lacking in any information on the Warren Spector created disney game people drew the assumption that it wasn’t exclusive to Nintendo’s console. Game Informer today confirmed that the game will indeed be exclusive to the Wii.

So why no mention of it on the cover? Game Informer wanted to save that for the actual issue’s release. This whole situation could have been avoided though, as a picture of the first page of the article, as posted on Destructoid lists only the Wii as the game’s release format. It does leave those who would like to see such a gorgeous game in high quality HD high and dry, but still answers the all important question of which console it’ll come out on.

Game Informer confirms Epic Mickey as Wii exclusive [Joystiq]

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