When is Alpha Protocol coming out? Apparently Sega doesn’t know.

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With the game’s release date being tossed around by retailers, and Obsidian themselves keeping quiet, Sega seemed like our only hope for an answer. Well Sega’s done something about the uncertainty of the game’s release date today, two somethings actually.

Early this morning the game was given a release date of “Out Now”. Great! Off to Best Buy to pick up a copy. Well not so fast. The release date was then changed to April 6th 2010 for PC and Xbox 360, and Spring 2010 for the PS3, and now Spring 2010 for all three. A far cry of it’s release date of right now, or October 26th, and still uncertain.

I would like to think that this is just a placeholder for official word on when it’ll be released this month, but it seems unlikely. With the denial of Obsidian saying the game is delayed, and now this we’re probably going to be waiting for the game’s release for another few months.

Can’t say I care for this sneaky toying with the release date. Every other publisher at least had the decency to say they’re pushing their game back in a press release. It would be nice to hear that someone knows when this game is coming out without having to sacrifice a small mammal to a deity or resort to water boarding someone.

Sega: Alpha Protocol ‘out now,’ er … ‘Spring 2010’

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