Epic Mickey is no longer a dream. Epic Mickey lives!

epic mickey game informer
Remember the twisted steampunk Disney game that threatened to give you nightmares? Well Epic Mickey is back. Original no more to the public than some surprisingly dark(for Disney at least) concept art pictures of steampunked Disney characters are landscapes, Warren Spector’s(creator of Deus Ex) Disney game is getting a breath of fresh air. The latest issue of Game Informer has a cover story covering Epic Mickey.

The sole picture we’ve seen doesn’t tell much, beyond that the name remains the same and the game appears to remain as dark today as it did a few months back. An inky Mickey climbs up a horrific mountain to an ominous castle, in a fairly determined pose threateningly carrying a paintbrush. Granted, it doesn’t sound terribly dark, but the picture makes me half expect Mickey to go Gears of War on Pete.

This is just the cover page though, so I would expect much more information on the game in the coming week as subscribers get their issues and scan the contents for everyone to see.

Game Informer’s Epic Mickey cover really IS epic [Destructoid]

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