Nazi-gamer PS3 advertisement never was

PS3-Rommel-follow up
So those advertisements for Sony with the German commander and Joan of Arc, turns out someone made a mistake. More specifically the person that made that mistake was the industry. As it turns out none of those advertisements were actually put out into the public as part of a campaign.

They were mocked up but were never approved by Sony. So has Sony learned its lesson? I doubt it, this is likely just a moment of clarity on Sony’s part. At least Sony realizes that Nazis in ads might be a step too far. Here’s the full word from Sony’s Chile:

This creative design did not involve and was never approved by Sony Computer Entertainment or Sony. This “mock campaign” was developed by BBDO Chile staff and was submitted to various creative competitions/festivals without prior notification or approval from SCE/Sony, and it is not representative of the views or advertising policies of SCE/Sony. BBDO Chile apologizes for using this creative concept without authorization or prior approval, and for its misrepresentation of the PlayStation brand and its values.

Cristián Lehuedé B.
Presidente Ejecutivo
BBDO Chile

Offending PlayStation 3 Ads Aren’t PlayStation 3 Ads [Kotaku]

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