Obsidian: No Comment on Mysterious Alpha Protocol Delay


Is the information guarded by *dons glasses* Alpha Protocol?

As some of you may have noticed, Alpha Protocol has been mysteriously delayed all the way to June 2010 on several websites. And curiously enough, many websites still list it for its hitherto-known release date of October 26th. No statement has been forthcoming on this matter so far, but the Marketing & PR Producer for Obsidian did make a post on the official forum:

Sorry that we’ve been quiet this week. Hopefully everyone understands that we (Obsidian) can’t talk about this much at this point, one way or the other. Just wanted to say that we appreciate your patience, and that hopefully we’ll be able to talk about all this at some point soon.

I’m actually more worried than impatient. Games that are to be released within a month aren’t suddenly delayed deep into the next year. We’ve heard our share of delays for 2009 games into 2010, but Alpha Protocol definitely comes as a surprise since its release date looked pretty solid.

And the scary part is, that Matthew Rorie isn’t denying the delay right now. If it were a mere mistake (however unlikely that is), Sega and Obsidian would have quickly snapped it up. There’s definitely something cooking.

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