Star Trek writers to start dealing in undead heroes

Flash is an extremely popular media format, especially with animation. It’s used for animated movies, TV shows, and web series. A handful of flash animated web series actually make a name for themselves. Xombie is just one of those series that has actually succeeded.

The series follows a sentient zombie named Dirge in a post-apocalyptic world filled with the typical brain-dead zombies. Dirge and his dog Cerberus find a living girl, Zoe, who they protect from the less enlightened undead folk.

The series has gained quite a following and expanded from a short webseries on Newgrounds. A comic book series, a novel, and a DVD all released for the series.

Well Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, writers of the Star Trek movie, both Transformers movies and Fringe, are in talks with Dream works to produce an adaptation of this webseries into a movie of some nature.

No word on if it’ll be animated or live action, but the movie was pitched by LAPD Homicide detective Will Beall who was adapting his own book, L.A. Rex, and instead wanted to adapt Xombie. The main change here seems to be that Dirge will apparently be a cop, perhaps in the way he acts not just in his background story, which he had no recollection of in the webseries.

Xombie is a rather enjoyable series, and I quite like Kurtzman and Orci despite their writing not always being great. We’ll have to see where this goes, but maybe it’ll be developed into a great (traditionally?) animated movie.

‘Xombie’ getting the Kurtzman/Orci treatment at DreamWorks [Hollywood Reporter]

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