250GB Xbox to be released with Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 bundle
There was an Infinity Ward press conference in LA today and a new Xbox 360 unit was announced. The new Xbox 360 will have a 250 gig hard drive, two black wireless controllers, and a copy of the game. The console itself is black with the Modern Warfare 2 branding on it.

The unit will retail for 399, which sounds like a great deal considering it comes with a brand new game, two controllers, and a hard drive you can’t get anywhere else for the price of the old elite.

That being said, where’s the price drop on the hard drives? You still pay half the price of an elite for a 120 hard drive standalone. If they release this new hard drive standalone without a price drop then it’ll probably stand to be as expensive as the Arcade package. Check the source for pictures.Added a picture of the box.

Microsoft Releasing 250GB Xbox 360 For Modern Warfare 2[Kotaku]

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