The Baader Mienhof Complex – Movie Review


An epic and thought-provoking film, The Baader Mienhof Complex explores the lengths that German youth went to in the 60s to prevent Fascism for rearing its ugly head once more. The children of those who lived though Nazism and Hitler, this new generation refuses to let the corruption of a police state grip their country once again.

Of course, as we all know from previous events, anytime a group of people protest government action, chaos and oftentimes violence will result. Such is the case as young German protestors rally against fascism, the Vietnam War, and the use of nuclear weapons.

The film explores the issues of what government protest actually means and the sacrifices that sometimes must be made to stand up for your beliefs. Even those who are considered members of the “establishment” join the protesters and become a part of the rebellion.

I was impressed and amazed at the quality of the cinematography, direction by Uli Edel, and by the scope of the film. This isn’t an 80 minute flick. At nearly three hours, this is a film that takes its time looking at and analyzing issues that are still relevant today. Even with the historical backdrop of the 1960s, there’s potency to the message that many will connect with even now.

When do people in society finally stand up and say, enough is enough? When do people stop acting like sheep and start acting like individuals? What is the cost of rebellion? Who benefits from a rebellion and who suffers? Poignant questions that are looked at in The Baader Mienhof Complex.

I highly recommend this engaging and powerful film.

[VIEWER ALERT: The film does contain full frontal nudity, sexual content, violence, and language. You also have to read subtitles since this is a German film.]

For more information, check out the film’s official site by clicking here.

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