The Beatles – Music Collection Review


Here it is. The definitive Beatles collection we’ve all been waiting for. Every album digitally remastered. Every CD set in its own album cover featuring the original artwork that was on the LP. Hours of music for you and your friends and family to enjoy over and over again. This is the ultimate collector’s item for any fan of The Beatles.

Each CD contains a documentary pertaining to the making of one of the songs on that particular CD. This mini-doc is in the QuickTime Media format, so you’ll have to make sure your computer has this program.

You get 16 CDs loaded with every Beatles song ever recorded. The 17th disc is a DVD that includes documentary footage on thirteen Beatles songs. Each album contains a booklet with liner notes that talk about the recording process for that particular album.

Along with the remastered albums, you also get a cool black case to hold them all in. The black case goes with the stereo edition of the this collector’s set. There is also a white box that has all the songs remastered in Mono. Why you’d want that over this one is beyond me.

The sound quality is perfect. The songs memorable. And the Beatles have been, are, and will forever be an iconic part of the world’s music heritage. This is music at its best!

For more Beatles info, visit the official website by clicking here.

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