According to the king of the chin Spidey 4 starts filming in January

Bruce Campbell Spiderman
Despite Spider-man 3’s critical performance, Spidey 4 is still going to be made. The main cast from the first three is back, as well as the world’s most famous B-list start, Bruce Campbell. At the red carpet for Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Campbell said that the shooting for Spider-man 4 would start in January.

Probably something he wasn’t supposed to say, but this does mean we’ll likely see four in 2011, and five in 2012 as they’re supposed to be shot back together to save money. He doesn’t say much more beyond that, but Access Hollywood is reporting that Bruce Campbell will be having a larger role in Spider-man 4.

To quote Access Hollywood, Bruce Campbell might have a “villainous role”, which is pure conjecture. I would quite like to see Bruce as a villain though. His small bits in movies are often my favorite parts of the movie, and was largely the only redeeming quality of Spider-man 3. To see him as, let’s say, Mysterio would be great. That rumor has been around for a long time though, so take it with a grain of salt.

Bruce Campbell: Next Spidey Shooting in January, Bigger Part For Him [SlashFilm]

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  1. They are, the execs want to shoot it back to back to cut down on costs, and Tobey’s being payed 50 million for both of them. He’s getting the early mornings and afternoons off so he can spend time with his family.

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