PS3 sales drop brings in a HUGE spike in sales.

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Sony probably expected to see some increase in sales with the PS3 when they announced the price drop, but I don’t think anyone expected this. The first week PS3 sales in September has shown some really large spikes in sales, some which seem like calculating errors.

The US sales chart shows a 300 percent jump in sales during the first week of September compared to before the price drop.

In the EU the sales for the PS3 has jumped an astounding 999 percent. To quantify this even more, the estimated number sold is around 40,000 units. Meaning that around 4,000 were sold the previous week.

While that seems like a huge number it’s nothing compared to Japan’s 7,830 percent increase. The two days that made up the launch week of the price drop brought in over 88,000 units sold, compared to the 2000 sold the week prior.

Sony is boasting some great sales from this price drop, but if they’re selling them at a loss then it’s just a short term plus.

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