Resident Evil Movie Franchise To Get Reboot


Of all the potentially reboot-able franchises in the world…

Guess what, those Resident Evil movies starring Milla Jovovich? They’re getting a reboot. While the next Resident Evil movie is still slated for April 27th 2010, there won’t be any more sequels after that. Instead, we’ll be starting at zombie square one again. Woo.

It’s tentatively titled Resident Evil Begins (you know, like Batman Begins, durr hurr hurr) and the story will revolve around the same idea of a bunch of military guys fighting zombified scientists. And probably some drama to go with it, like your best friend becoming a zombie. When was the last time we saw that, eh?

I really don’t see why this franchise needs a reboot. I haven’t seen a single one of these movies after the terrible original (although I do not doubt the sheer hotness of Milla Jovovich fighting zombies in a red dress). And going by the boring, done-to-death story premise they’re taking off of, I don’t think this “quasi-reboot” is going to be much better.


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