Greek: Chapter Three – DVD Review


Raucous and rowdy ABC Family fun, Greek tells the tale of friends who learn about life, love, and partying through the fraternities and sororities they participate in. Along the way, friendships are made, relationships are formed, and hangovers are a given.

Chapter Three of the series finds our plucky band of Greek-goers in the midst of new challenges, decisions, and incoming pledges. It’s a fun and well-made show that is geared more toward young adults than tweens and younger teens due to the mature themes and subject matter.

For those who don’t already know, the lead actress on the series, Spencer Grammer (Casey Cartwright on the show) is the daughter of Cheers and Frasier star Kelsey Grammer. From the looks of things, the talent apple definitely hasn’t fallen far from the tree. I’m sure she will have a successful career following the finale of this beloved ABC Family series. Plus, she’s smokin’ hot!

The three DVD set contain all ten eps from the third season, along with bonus features that include:

20 Questions with the Cast of Greek

Find out who’s most like their character on the show, what inspired them to become actors, who feel they’re the biggest prankster on the set, and more!


Audio Commentary on Select Episodes

If you’ve never seen the show before, I recommend watching from the beginning of the series. So get your Beer Pong table ready, grab your favorite Big Brother or Big Sis, and check out Greek: Chapter Three!

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