Shadow Complex sets Xbox Live sales record

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Shadow Complex has been released to some universal praise from reviewers, including me! Well, it would seem the game’s not only gotten some great reviews, but some great sales too.

Since the game came out on the 19th it has racked up a total of 200,000 units sold. That’s not people who downloaded it the trial, but the people who bought it. This surprising number has warranted a press release from Microsoft congratulating Chair, the game’s developer.

Shadow Complex has been called one of the most polished Xbox Live Arcade titles to be released, and I would largely agree with that. So seeing such sales is nice. That being said, I don’t quite see this changing anything in the gaming industry.

We’ve had great publishers release tons of games, most of which have been garbage. All this shows to them is that direct download isn’t as bad an idea as they might have though. If we get more great developers to release titles along side Chair and Behemoth Studios then it might be worth it, but for the time being I’m just going to congratulate Chair and hope the Ender’s Game game will be just as good as Shadow Complex.

Shadow Complex Sets Xbox Live Sales Record

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