Mysteries of the Freemasons – DVD Review


Secret societies have been the source of conspiracies, speculation, and mystery for centuries. Those who are part of these societies are sworn to secrecy about the rituals and goings on inside the hallowed walls where meetings and other events take place. But when outsiders become curious and start to poke their nose into the business of secret societies, what can they do?

This intriguing two-part documentary from the History Channel provides some answers about the secretive world of the Freemasons. What are the origins of this still growing secret society? How does one become a member? And who do we know of that already is?

The first part of the special is okay. It’s fully of conjecture, guesses, and mythological ideas about the beginnings of the Freemasons that link them to the Knights Templar and other organizations of the past. While it leaves plenty of room for speculations as to the origins of the Freemasons and their current purpose, I found part two much more illuminating.

The second part is very interesting and digs deep into how the Freemasons may have a grip on the United States government and may actually be the ones calling the shots. Ben Franklin, George Washington, John Hancock, Teddy Roosevelt, and Gerald Ford are all members of the Freemasons. The layout of our nations capitol, the symbols on the dollar bill, and even images in painting of the Founding Fathers all provide evidence that these men may have had ulterior motives.

Part two is compelling because there is tangible proof that these events actually did transpire and that the Freemasons may be responsible for why we are here as a nation today. Does this mean that non-Freemason presidents are just figureheads that do the will of the Freemasons but pass it off as their own?

A third documentary is included on the DVD about secret societies. It touches on the Illuminati, the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, and Skull & Bones. The first two have been made more controversial and famous thanks to author Dan Brown and his books Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code. Skull & Bones is significant since several of our recent presidents were members including both Bushes.

As a fan of compelling documentaries, especially ones that leave me wanting to find out more, I recommend Mysteries of the Freemasons. After watching it, you may start to wonder if things that have taken place in our U.S. history aren’t actually as they seem.

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